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P L Computer & Communication Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a ‘Brand’ in the field of IT hardware distribution since 1995. A brand which is known for its customer commitment to trusted services and transparent relationships. Over 23 years P L Computer & Communication Pvt. Ltd. has achieved >95% customer retention with >99% customer satisfaction.

Over 22 years P L Computer & Communication Pvt. Ltd. has helped leading IT companies to get a foothold in northern Indian markets through trusted and efficient distribution network of over 2000 dealers. Leading MNC organizations have reposed faith in PL Computer & Communication Pvt. Ltd. as key supply chain partner. PL Computer & Communication Pvt. Ltd. has provided ready and reliable access to key customer markets through a vast and dedicated network of dealers and associated companies. PL Computer & Communication Pvt. Ltd. has built infrastructure and invested in building a human relationship which has helped in speedy, trusted and reliable distribution of IT hardware products including high-end Processors, Servers, Motherboards, Graphics Card, Hard Drives, SMPS, Cabinets, Memory Chips etc.

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PL Computers Online IT Shop is the Best Place to Buy IT & CCTV Camera Product & Computer Parts Motherboards, Processors, HDD, Gaming Laptops with Best Quality & Price.
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PL Computers in Nehru Place, Nice Place to Shop Gaming Laptop, Motherboards, Graphics Card, Cabinet, RAM, AMD & Intel Processor, Computer Hardware as well as Accessories with Genuine Price, IT Shop in Nehru Place.
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